Entrepreneur Bootcamp 

Your 5-Step Process to Plan, Create, Launch, Promote, Scale, and Monetize Your Business in 5 Weeks. Designed specifically for solopreneurs.

Entrepreneur Bootcamp is your 5-Week plan to identifying your product, creating your prices and securing your income.

Entrepreneur Bootcamp is your 5-Week plan to identifying your product, creating your prices and securing your income.

Entrepreneur Bootcamp is your 5-Week plan to identifying your product, creating your prices and securing your income.

 Success is 80% mindset and 20% action. If if you think you've got it all together, you’ll be shocked at all your hidden mental programming that slows you down. 

  • Refine your business goals to focus on increasing your revenue to replace your salary or get the the income you need to live as a full time entrepreneur  
  • Dig into what's already working and determine your most valuable customer and how to find them
  • If you can't sell your product, you don't have a business. We'll help you define and clearly communicate your new business to get faster results


  • You have been struggling to replace your 9-5 income with your business revenue. 
  • You keep accepting less than ideal clients or underpricing yourself because you never know when or where the next lead is coming from?
  • You feel stuck doing all the implementation in your business and are doing way too much to make it work.
  • Do you experience intense and inconsistent revenue yo-yos making it very difficult to project growth
  • You need help creating a financial plan that you can actually follow and get results from. 
  • You're ready to 5x your return on your investment on 90 days. 

In the program we'll create together:


A clear financial plan and the templates to build and track it your progress.


A "Money Grail" offer that you can start selling today...not tomorrow.


A 90-Day Commitment Plan to hit your revenue goal every month.

Get focused, gain momentum and build a profitable business that makes a difference.

Entrepreneur Bootcamp is an online learning program for purpose driven entrepreneurs who want to build a meaningful, profitable business.

When I first launched my business I was motivated, focused, and willing to do the work. Turning to Quora, books and Medium only to find tons of confusing, conflicting information, without clear action steps - and definitely no guarantees. Everything focused on raising money or coming up with ideas. There were very few pieces of information that taught you how to operate and build systems that worked efficiently so you could grow quickly. 

Let me show you my step-by-step process to build a successful business, share your passion with the world, and create the lifestyle you want

I was left wasting time on projects that didn't matter, overwhelmed, disorganized, and focusing on things that feed vanity metrics instead of my bottom line (aka my ego!).

Now that I've figured it out and built multiple businesses I want to help you focus your goals, routines and behavior so you can build the business you've always wanted.

The Entrepreneur Bootcamp program is waiting for you!

Here's What's Inside

  • Understand exactly what you need to do, and have ready so you can leave you 9-5 and go full time dream chaser? 
  • Learn how to achieve those revenue goals you keep setting and missing month after month?
  • Create a long lasting package that you don't have to keep second guessing, adding to, or making custom to get the sale? 
  • Clean up your online presence so you can attract and secure clients month over month?
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Whether you're going all in on a new business, or looking to add a side hustle, you'll walk away with the exact same 5-step system to revenue freedom and a purpose filled and paying business.

Step One: The Entrepreneur Mindset

Step One: The Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Understand how to create  purpose based business so you can exponentially grow your bottom line 
  • Understand the importance of risk in your business, and how to use this skill to expand your customer base

Step Two: Create An Income Goal

Step Two: Create An Income Goal
  • Create a financial projection that will reduce your expenses and give you the baseline for replacing your income or scaling your business 
  • Use our expenses and revenue template to create an easy to follow balance sheet so you can maneuver with ease.
  • Identify how much money you want to make.

Step Three: Create Your Money Grail Offer

Step Three: Create Your Money Grail Offer
  • Create an easy offer that you can start selling tomorrow to start to reach your financial plan and get closer to your goal. We can this your “Money Grail” 
  • Use our packaging guides included in the program to assess the best offers for you, create subscriptions, recurring revenue, and retainer contracts. 

Step Four: Marketing and Sales That Convert

Step Four: Marketing and Sales That Convert
  • Create a 3-clicks or less system to closing clients so you can be sure you aren’t leaving any money on the table 
  • Generate new leads with our 10-day challenge that will have you growing your warm lead count, before you can say ‘cha-ching”.

Step Five: Your Commitment Plan

Step Five: Your Commitment Plan

Use our Milestone Guide to create a 90-day plan for reaching your money goals so you can create urgency and focus with ease

Learn how to define and execute money generating activities that will refine your day to day schedules for ultimate cash flow success.

The Bonus Vault

Join Entrepreneur Bootcamp today for instant access to every new training offered by Morgan DeBaun. Whether the topic is revenue, team, or your mindset it all goes in the vault, included with your Bootcamp membership.

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Inside The Bonus Vault:

How To Train Your Direct Reports For 1:1 Meetings

The exact tactics I use to ensure that those who report to me are efficient, learning while we are meeting, and most importantly aren’t waiting on me to perform at their best.

The CEO Guide To Instagram

Simple answers to the biggest questions you have about balancing a personal Instagram account as the face of your business while still prioritizing sales and awareness. This is a must for new founders.

How To Build Relationships with Business Partners and Co-Founders

A complete strategy to managing the relationships in your business life. Learn how I collaborate with my co-founders, create systems of priority and generally manage the fires that undoubtedly pop up.

Closing The Giants: How To Snag Enterprise Clients

If your business has any opportunity for securing large contracts, this training will walk you through the nuances of how to interact with corporate clients. I also include a valuable tactic about who you need on your side when negotiating.

Google Analytics 101

In this training I’ll break down the basics of Google Analytics so you can start to take the reins on your digital presence. The strategies and tools I lay out here should be able to save you from making a digital marketing hire in the early days of your business. At a minimum it’s a skillset you should be comfortable with.


How long is the course?

Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a 5-step program.

Each week you will have access to a new step in the program. After they have all been unlocked you'll enjoy lifetime access to revisit and repeat the process as your money goals increase. 

We recommend completing the program within 5 weeks, and then spending 90-days executing the system so you can at minimum 2x your investment.

Remember, you'll have lifetime access to rinse, and repeat during your entrepreneurial journey.

What is included in this program?

Entrepreneur Bootcamp includes a 5-step system that will help you explode your revenue potential within 90-days. The course includes video trainings with Morgan, digital lessons, workbooks, and templates. No additional equipment or software is required. 

Does this program include a refund policy?

Yes. If you complete the program and execute the 5-step system for 90-days and still don't see a return on your investment you will receive a 100% refund. 

Is this course good for me if I am just getting started with my business or side-hustle?

Yes! Entrepreneur Bootcamp is the perfect way to begin your entrepreneurial adventure. The system is specially designed to give you the fundamentals you need to create a financial goal, build offerings that will sell, and attract your ideal client.  

Is there an option for a payment plan?

Yes! Cash flow is king. That's why we created a payment plan option of four payments of $297, so you can jump in and learn the strategies while your business thrives. 


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