Coronavirus, How to show up for yourself and your business

business Mar 20, 2020

How have you been showing up in response to COVID-19?

We encourage you to take a moment to grieve where you thought your business or your finances were going to be right now or this year. Things are changing, and fast.

The faster you accept the reality of what's happening around you, around your city, and around the world, the faster you can adjust and protect your business for what's now an inevitable recession and prolonged social distancing norms (at least until the end of summer).

We know this new reality is tough to accept and that you're probably feeling sad, anxious and maybe a little bit in denial but I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that you're not alone.

Being an entrepreneur is already hard AF, but being one in a down market can be even tougher. For many of us, this is the first recession or bull market we've seen. 

We don't promise to know all the answers, but we can commit to being here with you every step of the way supporting you and sharing strategies while we all navigate this new world. 

Here’s how WorkSmart CEO, Morgan DeBaun has been pivoting, executing and plotting for the coming weeks:

From the (home office) desk of Morgan DeBaun: 

I planned for a world that I would get sick, or at the very least that someone in my quarantine circle would get sick AND that I would do my part by NOT going to medical professionals for help. Therefore, I prepped for being highly uncomfortable, highly drugged and stuck in my apartment. Many of you on this email list are under the age of 40, consider how you will treat yourself if (and when) you get sick and make a plan for it. Our world will be better off if you're prepared to self treat vs going into a crowded facility.

I planned a new diet to reduce quarantine weight, keep my brain fresh, and sharp. I stocked up on veggies, fats and meats. I've committed to intermittent fasting and keto so that I am monitoring my carbs and not nibbling all day. Consider intermittent fasting or adding some guidelines to your diet while you adjust to being at home. You'll be surprised at how healthy this new world may make you (I'm down 5 lbs in 5 days #carbs).

I made a work from home station that mirrors my in office flow. I set up a workstation near natural light, and even brought my work chair home. If you are doing the same, remember to keep this new work corner a separate space as best as you can, for your own sanity. I will be pushing my couch out further and bringing in a little rug. This desk also can adjust to be a standing desk. Think about how you can create a workspace that is productive in a prolonged WFH scenario.

Finally, I am increasing my steps to 10k a day to stay sane. Looking at my historical data I used to take about 5k steps a day and do a workout in the gym or hot yoga 3-4 times a week. With my gym and yoga studio closed, I'll be doing two walks a day and a home work-out plan. I have 30-min calls 2x a day with various direct reports. I will be doing those as walking meetings instead of video hangouts. Think about what meetings you can do walking!

How I'm prepared to help you and the WorkSmart Community.

I want to make sure that anyone who needs support in restructuring their business model or supplementing their 9-5 income can get some help from me. Cash flow is incredibly important to preserve so we have created a new payment plan for Entreprenuer Bootcamp. The strategies inside of this simple to implement program will help you to supplement your income, by building a new offer you can sell within 2 weeks. 

To learn more about the most up-to-date recommendations concerning COVID-19, visit the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.